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My bike and the Louis Bike Database

Our Bike Database contains more than 5.400 models: model-specific wearing parts and accessories, plus specifications and capacities. The Louis Bike Database is continuously maintained and updated. Save your vehicles and „My bike“ will show you our entire range of technical products plus important data for precisely the vehicles you have selected. „My bike“ saves your vehicle selection locally and temporarily.

You can also permanently transfer your vehicle selection into "My Louis" so that you can access it whenever you want by logging in on any PC, tablet or smartphone

Specifications and capacities for your motorbike:

Here we give you the really important information you need for maintaining your own motorbike, quad or scooter. What type of engine oil and which brake fluid does it need? Which are the right spark plugs? What are the correct tyre pressures and valve clearances? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in the Louis Bike database.

Wearing parts and spares, care and maintenance:

Whatever your motorbike needs to keep it in top condition, you will find it at Louis. Fork oil, engine oil, brake fluid or chain spray. Plus wearing parts such as oil filters, batteries, spark plugs, chain kits, brake pads and discs, to mention only a small selection.

Accessories and add-ons for your motorcycle:

Want to give your motorbike, quad or scooter a more stylish and distinctive look? Louis offers a huge range of (LED) turn signals, mirrors, license plate holders, tank pads, exhaust systems... the list goes on and on. Planning a long tour? Here you'll find the perfect motorcycle luggage for your particular bike. Looking for better ergonomics? Try alternative handlebars, levers and footrests. Louis also stocks practical accessories such as heated grips, headlights and the legendary Scottoiler.

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