Safety training: More fun on your motorcycle

Safety and cornering training

Many beginners find that, by the end of their first biking season, they have gained a good deal of experience and feel quite confident on the road. But when springtime comes around again, a lot of that confidence seems to have disappeared over the winter break. Suddenly they are nervous about their tyres and brakes, not to mention their own ability. This is exactly the right moment for a thorough refresher course of safety training with expert guidance. You'll be amazed how quickly it all comes back to you, but also how much you can improve your skills on a training day like this. Even bikers who have spent half their life on two wheels often come back each year to brush up their riding technique. Apart from which, it's also great fun because you can try out all sorts of things safely on a dedicated training circuit with no traffic to worry about.

Safety and cornering training

Training with a professional instructor means more fun and safety on the road.

The next level up is then cornering training. Here too, you're sure to make great progress because the instructors introduce you gradually to the delights of leaning into bends. So there's absolutely no reason to think it will be too difficult. And every extra degree of lean is a real safety gain in an emergency – for example, if you enter a bend too fast.

There are lots of safety training providers to choose from, and the content of the courses offered also varies greatly. You're sure to be in safe hands if you choose a training provider qualified under the guidelines of the German Road Safety Council (DVR). For full details go to

Here's a good tip: Why not put a training session on your birthday or Christmas wish-list? After all, a gift of safety is worth a lot more than a new tie or pair of socks! ;-)

Supersport biker on the road

Professional tips for beginners

Riding a motorbike is like playing a piano: practice is everything. And this doesn't just apply to safety training. It's also important to practice every time you take your motorcycle on the road. Here we provide useful tips that will help you to build up confidence, improve your safety and have more fun.

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