Motorcycle transportation by ferry

Dream destinations, such as Scotland or Norway, have one thing in common: you can only get there by crossing the water. Luckily there are a large number of ferry crossings across the North Sea, the Baltic and the Mediterranean. The way in which the individual shipping companies handle motorcycle transportation and how your bike is secured on board can vary drastically.

Motorrad Transport mit der Fähre


Our LouisCard partner DFDS leaves the responsibility of lashing up to the rider. The ferry staff do however provide the lashing straps, and offer help on request.

The shipping company DFDS specialises in operating ferries to and from the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Baltic states. LouisCard holders get 15% off the regular ferry fare. The following video shows you how you park and lash your vehicle properly on the parking deck on board.

Your partner for motorcycle transportation by ferry

Tallink Silja Motorrad Transport

Tallink Silja

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