Motorcycle transportation lashing made easy

It doesn't matter which means of transport you select for your beloved motorcycle, one thing's for certain: it will have to be properly secured â€“ just like any other load. On the one hand it's all about securing the bike unshakeably. But it's also about making sure that no part of the motorcycle gets scratched, bent or damaged in any other way as a result. Find out how to lash your motorcycle properly here.

Motorrad Transport richtig Verzurren

Schritt 1: Auffahrt über die Rampe

Ride up a ramp

Instead of lifting the weight yourself, just let the engine do all the work:

With sensitive handling of the clutch in first gear, riding up the ramp is easy. An upturned beer crate 
or similar item can be used as a step to help you climb up.

Schritt 2: Vorderrad abstützen

Support the front wheel

It is imperative that you make sure that the front wheel is stably supported facing forward This can be with the tailgate of a van or the U-shaped steel shackle on a trailer.

Front wheel stands which secure the motorcycle vertically are secure and practical. Then attach the front lashing straps.

Schritt 3: Handbremse fixieren

Secure the brake

Once the bike is in position on the loading floor, you first secure the handbrake with a strong rubber band, a cable tie or, the most elegant solution, a brake lever clamp. That way, the motorcycle cannot roll away during the lashing.

Schritt 4: Zurrgurte justieren

Adjust the lashing straps

When tightening the straps, make sure that the motorcycle is positioned as vertically as possible. 
It is best to alternate between left and right when tightening. That way, you pull the motorcycle down to about half the suspension travel. In the end it must no longer be possible to move the bike. 
Shake the handlebar firmly to check.

Schritt 5: Lack und Chrom schützen

Protect the paintwork and chrome

In some cases it is not possible to prevent a lashing strap from resting on the fairing or an exhaust, for example. You should pad these areas properly to prevent the strap from ruining the great-looking finishes. An old kitchen towel or a piece of foam rubber are tried-and-tested means to prevent abrasion damage.

Schritt 6: Zurrgurte fixieren

Secure the lashing straps

Do not forget to also secure the loose ends of the lashing straps when you're done. This applies most of all when transporting on open-topped trailers. 
In the airstream, belts automatically become 
whips which can damage the bike or distract 
other road users.

Lashing points on the motorcycle

In order for the motorcycle to stand upright, it must be fastened as symmetrically as possible to the left and the right. This means that two straps pull the bike to the front and two pull it to the rear. Of course, only stable parts which can withstand the pulling force, are suitable as holding points for the straps.

Verzurrpunkte für den Motorrad Transport
Bubble Icon Grün

Parts of the frame or stable attachment parts, such as footrest wings or the lower triple tree at the front, are best suited.

Bubble Icon Gelb

If the triple tree is not accessible due to the fairing, the handlebar is another possible fastening point. But please make sure it is as close as possible to the fork because the further the belt is positioned towards the outside, the easier it is for the handlebar to bend. 
Pillion grips are also a stable lashing point.

Bubble Icon Rot

The wider the handlebar, the greater the risk that it will not withstand the pull of the straps. The classic 22 mm format is more sensitive than double-butted handlebars with a diameter of 28 mm. To be avoided at all costs: straps on turn signals, exhaust manifolds and other "soft parts".


Tip: strap check

Just like paintwork and chrome, lashing straps also need protection from sharp-edged motorcycle parts. Remember that the motorcycle and belts will be constantly shaken until you have reached your destination. When transporting on longer journeys use petrol station stops and coffee breaks to check the lashing on the bike and re-tighten straps as necessary.

Tip: strap

In order to keep a full-sized motorcycle under control in all circumstances, the lashing straps have to be able to withstand a lot. When selecting belts, always check the blue label. That's where you will find information on the tensile strength (LC = lashing capacity). Belts with LC = 175 daN are sufficient for lighter machines with a weight of less than 200 kg with direct tension. LC = 500 daN is enough to secure even a big lump like a Goldwing. If in doubt, it is better to select a number higher/stronger. The additional security is well worth the price difference.

Tip: extra strap loops make it easier to attach straps with S-hooks.

Transport Zurrgurt
Transport Zurrgurt
Tip: ramps

The first obstacle when transporting is the height difference between the ground and the transportation platform. That's why you need a ramp. The greater the height difference, the longer the ramp should be. Arched ramps are ideal as they prevent the motorcycle from running aground at the transition point to the loading floor.

Transport Auffahrrampe
Transport Auffahrrampe
Tip: front wheel stands

Front wheel stands from Rothewald and Acebikes are a great help when loading and lashing. They hold the front wheel so that it is positioned vertically without any other help.

Transport Vorderradständer
Transport Vorderradständer
Tyrefix: Convenient alternative for short journeys

"TyreFix is the name of the system which is used to press only the tyre against the loading floor instead of the entire motorcycle. In principle TyreFix is suitable for all tyre sizes at both the front and back.

However, mudguards make attachment to the front wheel fiddly. When using this system, the belts also have to be pulled as tight as possible".

Transportsicherung und Verzurrschiene
Transportsicherung und Verzurrschiene
Acebikes Zurrgurte & Mehr: Alles was sie zum Transport brauchen

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