Ergonomic accessories for motorbikes: The perfect fit

Ergonomic accessories

A comfortable riding position makes biking a real pleasure. Particularly newcomers to biking benefit a great deal from customised ergonomics.

That's why Louis has a whole range of accessories for optimising the riding position on your machine. Even minor conversions can do wonders: a wider handlebar for better handling, adjustable hand levers for improved grip and operation, adjustable footrests for greater comfort on long journeys, and lots more. It's worth trying out!

Ergononie - einstellbare Hebel

Adjustable levers

For better control of brake and clutch. For long and for short fingers (see top image).

Adjustable footrests

Adjustable footrests

Greater comfort on long trips thanks to a more relaxed knee angle and better support.

Different handlebar shapes

Different handlebar shapes

For more relaxed riding and better handling. For a variety of riding styles and types of use.

Handlebar clamps or risers

Handlebar clamps/risers

For customising the handlebar position. Higher, lower, closer or further way.

Lowering kits

Lowering kits

Surer footing and safer manoeuvring also for shorter people.

Lowering kits

Learn from experts: the most effective tuning measure for all motorcycles.

Tuning - The most effective measure for all motorcycles

Before professional racers focus on tuning the engine and chassis on a new bike, they first of all attend to ensuring a comfortable riding position. As experts know, the better the motorcycle suits your build, the safer and finer tuned (and faster on the race track) biking becomes. What's more, optimised ergonomics takes the strain off the rider on long journeys in particular – promoting concentration.

Sitzposition - Motorradfahrer auf dem Motorrad

Stay relaxed: The correct riding position

Nothing is more important than a comfortable, relaxed riding position if you want to enjoy your biking. You need to sit correctly in order to perform all the necessary movements quickly, precisely and without wasting energy.

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