LouisCard - Standard Terms and Conditions

When registering as a holder of the LouisCard – it is then sent by post immediately – customers can take advantage of all the services connected with our LouisCard programme. Commercial business-to-business customers and club customers are exempted therefrom. The following provisions, to which the holder of the LouisCard consents when applying for the registration and issue of his LouisCard and/or when using the LouisCard for the first time, apply individually:

1. LouisCard Point System

In the case of LouisCard points, a distinction is made between LouisCard discount points and LouisCard partner points. Each LouisCard holder is automatically credited the LouisCard points he has acquired on his customer account. This is provided the customer presents his LouisCard to our till staff prior to the cashing up process when purchasing items at one of our branches, as points can no longer be credited after the cashing up process. When making purchases by telephone or post or in our Online Shop the customer number must be stated when ordering, in order to be credited LouisCard points. The corresponding LouisCard points are then also automatically credited to the customer account.

2. LouisCard discount points

The LouisCard holder is credited 2 discount points on his customer account for each full transaction volume in euro at one of our branches or our online/mail order outlet. One discount point is worth EUR 0.01.

3. LouisCard partner points

Partner companies of the LouisCard can grant the holder of a LouisCard partner points as an advantage if their services are utilised. The partner points are credited to the LouisCard holder’s points account and have the same value as LouisCard discount points (1 point =EUR 0.01).

4. Collection Period, LouisCard Points Statement

One collection period lasts 6 months and starts for the first time upon issue of the LouisCard. Once the 750 points mark has been reached within one collection period we inform the customer at the end of the collection period of his current points status with a clearly laid out account statement. The billed points are from now on also shown as credit in the statement; we shall automatically credit this amount to the customer on his next purchase. At the same time the points status of the customer’s account is thereby reset to zero and can be replenished in the new collection period through the corresponding point credits, especially for purchases. Payment of the balance shown in the statement of account pursuant to the account statement is not possible. Any objections to the accuracy or completeness of the points status must be asserted to us in writing at the latest within one month after receipt of the account statement. Objections are subject to presentation of the corresponding original till receipts or invoices.

5. Deletion of the euro credit

LouisCard holders have a full 3 months to redeem the listed LouisCard euro credit from the date of the respective account statement. A corresponding note on the redemption period can be found on the account statement. Redemption is effected by automatically offsetting the credit balance against one or several of the customer's purchases. If no points are redeemed in this validity period, the euro credit is automatically deleted.

If the cardholder's email address is known to us, a reminder is sent by email regarding the time left to redeem the euro credit approximately 4 weeks prior to expiry of the redemption period.

6. Minimum points status

At least 750 LouisCard points are required for a points statement (subsection 5). Should the LouisCard holder have accumulated less than 750 LouisCard points within one collection period of 6 months, the customer account will not be billed and no confirmation will be sent to the customer. The points collected to date shall be retained until the LouisCard holder has collected at least 750 points and the customer account can be billed on the next collection deadline. After billing has taken place the customer account may be replenished with points in the new collection period, especially for purchases.

7. LouisCard Partners

The aim of the LouisCard is to offer the holder as much added value as possible, i.e. an advantage, over and above our company’s services. For this purpose, we also enter into cooperations with capable partner companies, on which and on whose services we provide information individually in our catalogue/online shop. Should the granting of the rebates offered therein to the holder of the LouisCard by our partner companies after our inspection necessitate the forwarding of the name and address of the LouisCard holder by us to our respective partner company, the LouisCard holder consents thereto upon applying for the registration and issue of his LouisCard and/or when using it for the first time. However, this data may be used by our partner company only for the purpose of the advertised rebates to the LouisCard holder and only in connection with the LouisCard; we shall obligate our partner companies accordingly. All services of the LouisCard partner companies are voluntary services on our part, to which no legal claim exists. Should these services be linked to special terms and conditions or should restrictions apply, we shall inform the customers thereof to the necessary extent.

8. Cancellation of points

If the LouisCard holder reverses his purchase, e.g. through return, cancellation, annulment of contract, contestation, etc., and the corresponding LouisCard points have already been credited to the customer account of the LouisCard holder for this purchase, we are entitled to cancel these points; the same applies accordingly in the case of incorrect entries on our part or misuse of the LouisCard.

9. Sperrung der LouisCard

If an important reason exists, e.g. improper use of the LouisCard, we may demand the surrender of the LouisCard by the holder at any time and are also entitled to disable it.

10. Changes to the LouisCard terms

We shall disclose any modifications or amendments of these LouisCard terms to the holder of the LouisCard by written notification. They shall be deemed to have been approved if the LouisCard holder does not file an objection or reuses the LouisCard after corresponding notification. The LouisCard holder must send his objection to us within one month after notification of the modification/amendment; the validity of his LouisCard also expires simultaneously therewith. We shall notify the LouisCard holder separately of the aforementioned consequences when disclosing any modifications or amendments of these LouisCard terms. We also reserve the right to suspend or modify all services associated with the LouisCard, especially the LouisCard points system, in compliance with a reasonable time period, if good cause exists (e.g. change of legislation) also without complying with such a time period.

11. Application for the LouisCard

When you apply for the LouisCard, you consent to us using your details for advertising purposes. We will keep you informed of your points total, special offers, discount voucher and much, much more in our e-mail newsletter.

Your details will remain with Louis and will neither be sold nor rented. You can withdraw your consent to receive sales promotions at any time without giving a reason via the individual advertisements or by sending an email to service@louis.eu.

12. Data privacy

We store the data required to provide you with all the LouisCard benefits. Naturally, all personal data is treated confidentially. We process your customer data in order to provide the LouisCard customer programme. This is their voluntarily provided personal information (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR), the contact details required for participation (data marked as mandatory fields*) as well as optional information in the LouisCard application (Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR). You have the right to object to use of your data for advertising purposes or for the purpose of market or public opinion research without specifying any reasons.

Correct at 05/2023

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